Find Finn!

This 8.5 x 11, 22 page photo book for children includes pictures of Finn and his dog friends, along with other wildlife, as they explore the forests in Vermont. In many of the images Finn can be found, with varying levels of effort, hidden in the environment.

Find Finn Book Cover

Parents and educators can use the book to encourage children to consider how animals perceive the environment and how dogs enjoy their lives. The book presents the concept of positive reinforcement for training dogs. It highlights nature, exercise and exploration.

Here’s what people have had to say about it-

“The programs I do in schools are focused in all areas- multiple intelligences learning. I would take a book like this and work some art, music into it. It’s hard to find the right book- this is the right book as an entrance point to discussions with children about care.”

 “This is one of those books that would be used over and over for young children.”

“This is over the top awesome.”

“Great idea!”

“Can you say “bestseller”? You really need to get this out there.” 

“Let me know how I can get a copy for Fressia. It looks like such fun!!!”

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