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debbie and her dog finn a border collieI created the Fearful Dogs website to help people think about ways to help their shy, fearful or anxious dogs. Over the years since the site first appeared I have continued to learn about fear based behaviors and explore methods and techniques for helping dogs feel more comfortable in the world.

If you have read through the website and still have questions or would like additional help in working with your dog I would offer you these suggestions:

Find a trainer who uses reward based methods. Look for a trainer that has experience working with fearful dogs. Read books about working with fearful dogs. Understand how dogs learn new behaviors and how you change a dog’s association with whatever is scaring them.

Find out more about scheduling a consultation and receiving a free copy of A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog.

Interested in offering a workshop or seminar in your area? Email for more details how to make this happen.

I do my best to respond to questions I receive from owners or caretakers of fearful dogs, but it is often impossible for me to keep up with the number of emails asking for suggestions or advice. If you are committed to working with a dog and want information on setting up a training and rehabilitation plan, please schedule a private consultation.

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