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A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog

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Practical information and resources for owners, shelter workers and rescuers of fearful dogs. For dogs who are fearful of people, other dogs, objects or situations. This book will help handlers understand how to work with dogs that are shy, anxious or aggressive due to fear.

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Does My Dog Need Prozac? Musings and sound advice on living with a shy, anxious, fearful or reactive dog.

In this collection of articles Debbie Jacobs explores thebook cover does my dog need prozac? challenges many dogs face as they struggle to become happy, pet dogs, and the struggles of the people trying to help them. Does My Dog Need Prozac? provides sound advice and compassionate approaches to training special needs dogs.

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Find Finn! 

This 8.5 x 11, 22 page photo book for children includes pictures of Finn and his dog Find Finn Book Coverfriends, along with other wildlife, as they explore the forests in Vermont. In many of the images Finn can be found, with varying levels of effort, hidden in the environment.

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