Thoughts on Medications

Few dog owners enjoy giving their dogs drugs. Besides having to deal with the reason medications were prescribed, there's the expense and concern about side effects. Yet when a dog is diagnosed with a major infection only a handful of people would turn away a vet's offer of an antibiotic. There are many ways to manage health issues in dogs. I have the utmost respect [...]

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Pay Attention!

In order to teach anyone, anything, you first have to get and keep their attention. This is as true for dogs as it is for people. It's not difficult to get the attention of a scared dog, most can't take their eyes off you. But that attention is based on knowing where you are, much the same way you'd probably like to know the whereabouts [...]

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Shy Genes?

It is not difficult for anyone who has raised a puppy to believe that there are behavioral traits that animals seem born with. While a ’shy gene’ has not been isolated, scientists continue to discover more about how our DNA affects not only our personality, but also our friends! A recent article in the online publication Health Day News for a Healthier Living [...]

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Conditioned Emotional Response

If you've ever been the recipient of a suspiciously timed gift or compliment the giver may be guilty of attempting to use a 'conditioned emotional response' to affect your behavior. There are some things, objects or actions that we learn to feel a particular way about. We can't help ourselves, ice cream just makes us feel good, we see a baby smile and feel all [...]

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Neutralize it!

Before a dog can begin to feel good about something it's afraid of, it first needs to stop feeling afraid of it. Sounds obvious right? It should be but people will continually expose their dog to something that scares them expecting that the dog is going to figure out that it's ok. It doesn't work that way. Many people believe that if they show their [...]

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Rock Their World!

If you are dealing with a dog that is afraid of or shy with people one of your first goals is to find out what rocks their world. For an extremely scared dog it might be difficult to figure this out because they may not respond well to anything you do. With a dog like this, one of the few tricks you have up your [...]

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What are your options?

It's one thing for someone like me to say how rewarding and fulfilling it is to care for a fearful dog. It's another thing to actually live with a dog that can't interact with you or members of your family, a dog that can't go for walks outside, that races for cover at the drop of a hat (or pen or cup), a dog that [...]

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My last post on Cesar Millan

I say this is my last post about Cesar Millan because this blog is not about him, regardless of the benefit of the additional hits it may get me from the Dog Whisperer Ambassadors out there. It is not about trying to convince his loyal converts that he is wrong or bad. I agree with him that many dogs in America have less than stellar [...]

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