Change The Picture

It has been years since I have made Sunny hit the dirt and go into panic mode, but that record is over today. We all were having a nice lie down, it's close to 90 degrees here. Sunny was with me, calm as could be. I got up and decided to carry an armload of wooden parquet tiles down the stairs, Sunny was next to [...]

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A Sigh of Relief

A friend recently contacted me to get information for her father who was soon to be acquiring a puppy. I sent her Ian Dunbar's resources and wished him well. Last night I received an email from my friend, this time informing me that the puppy was timid and afraid, did I have any information about that? It just so happened I did. I directed them [...]

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Punishment & Stress

It often happens that the dogs most adversely affected by punishment are the ones that end up dealing with it the most. Young dogs, inexperienced dogs, immature dogs, sensitive dogs, fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, all of which can be unclear on the rules of the games their humans are expecting them to play. All dogs can be adversely affected by punishment improperly applied but we've [...]

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The Basics

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. If you are working with a fearful dog you must at the very least understand the concepts of counter conditioning and desensitization. Desensitization is the gradual introduction and increase in exposure to the things your dog is afraid of. The exposure is only increased when the dog exhibits comfort with the situation or object. Go too [...]

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I never gave much thought to the risks of using corrections when training dogs until Sunny, my fearful dog came into my life. Even the casual 'uh uh' that I would use when one of my other dogs' noses was getting precariously close to the cheese on the coffee table, would have sent him cowering off. I had to find ways not only to get [...]

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Guest Blogger Roxanne Hawn

Fearfuldogs: Tell me about your dog Lilly. Roxanne: Lilly is a nearly 5-year-old smooth coat border collie, adopted at 6 months old from a progressive humane society in Boulder, CO. She came in as a transfer. So, she lived in two shelters and a foster home before we adopted her. She passed all temperament testing with better-than-average scores even though she did show some shyness/fear. [...]

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