In A Court Of Law

I recently had a brief, somewhat unpleasant email exchange with someone living with a 100 pound American Bulldog that was aggressive, to the point of having bit the owner in the face. From the description of the dog- it had been a timid, cowering in the corner puppy- it sounded as though the dog had learned some effective methods for keeping people and other dogs [...]

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Guest Blogger: Eric Goebelbecker

Discovering that I was not alone when it came to the challenges of living with a fearful dog helped me to keep my sanity when Sunny first came to live with me. Understanding that his behavior was not unusual for a dog that was not properly socialized, and getting advice and suggestions from other fearful dog owners and trainers has been key to the progress [...]

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Sunny’s Hoarder Arrested in Vermont!

I met Sunny at The Humane Society of Louisiana's rescue site, Camp Katrina, set up after the hurricanes in 2005. He was found at the Every Dog Needs A Home 'sanctuary' in Gamaliel AR, run by Tammy Hanson. At the time the authorities and HSUS arrived on the site there were 477 dogs (news reports are saying close to 600 but I think this is [...]

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Guest Blogger Ali Brown Author of Scaredy Dog!

My guest blogger is Ali Brown, dog trainer and author of Scaredy Dog and Focus Not Fear. I asked Ali some questions and she kindly took the time to answer them. If there are nails to be hit on the head, Ali's aim is right on! How did your interest in working with fearful dogs originate? It all started just like everyone else did...when I [...]

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