I Can Do That!

Owners of fearful or shy dogs are often told that they need to build their dog's confidence, but just what does that mean? I start with the definition of 'confidence' which is to my thinking, the ability to reliably predict that your actions will have a successful outcome. A dog's definition of 'success' will affect whether or not something actually helps them feel more confident. [...]

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Practice Makes….More Likely!

If you are living with a fearful dog who has inappropriate responses to the things it's afraid of, cowering, lunging, barking, growling, fleeing, etc., it is important to understand something about how animals (including humans) behave when stressed. When your dog is afraid, it is experiencing stress. When an animal is stressed and needs to respond it is more likely to perform whatever behavior it [...]

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Guest Blogger Veronica Zimmerman

Over the years I've been working with my own fearful dog and learning about fear based behaviors and how to change them, I've corresponded with many others who are doing the same. There is something to be learned by each of our experiences with our dogs and Veronica's post addresses many of the important components of how to go about helping a fearful dog. Veronica [...]

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Cue Happy Please!

Something that has helped me with my fearful dog Sunny has been to create 'cues' which change how he's feeling. Most dog owners do this with their dogs all the time, 'wanna go for a walk!?', 'want a cookie?' probably at the very least cause a dog to perk up its ears and pay attention. If walks and cookies are enjoyable for the dog they [...]

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Pill Popping

I am a member of an online group devoted to discussing fearful behavior in dogs and offering support and advice to owners. After reading several messages about a particular dog it sounded as though it would benefit from the use of a behavioral medication. A reply to my suggestion was posted, lamenting the 'automatic' response people have about choosing to pop pills for their fearful [...]

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