I’ve Got Your Back!

Imagine living with someone who scared you every day, even if they didn't mean to, they did. Imagine living with someone who at any moment might put you in a situation in which you were scared, and they did nothing! This is how many fearful dogs live their lives, anticipating being scared and then being scared, by one thing or another. The training advice given [...]

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Choose Your Words Carefully

In a class for reactive dogs a sheltie was described by participants watching the dog interact with its owner, as 'demanding'. And there was no question that it was. If the owner was not interacting with the dog it jumped and pawed at her and its high pitched bark was enough to make us all cringe. This was the kind of dog that [...]

By |2009-09-16T13:27:06-04:00September 16th, 2009|10 Comments
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