OK so I lied

After Sunny had lived with us for several months and it became clear to me, after he escaped from the house once, and again from a friend's fenced in yard, that Sunny was not going to go far, I let him be my 'wild boy' and spend most of the day off leash outside. At the time we didn't have a fence and I'm not [...]

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Sunny solves a problem!

Here's a link to a short video of Sunny messing around with boxes. Nosework is all the rage these days and folks have been clicking & shaping their dogs to do 101 things with a box for awhile, but Sunny has been too afraid to interact with a box. Boxes move and have moving parts, that's enough to be of concern to Sunny. But he [...]

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Don’t take my lead on this one!

Sunny came to us a dog with no skills for interacting comfortably with people. That was obvious, but what wasn't obvious to me at the time was that being in a house was also a horrifying experience for him as well. It was winter in Vermont when he first arrived and having grown up in an Arkansas hoarder's compound, being an outdoor dog was not [...]

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Turns out our stars are not crossed!

I’m a pragmatic New Englander and although many of us won’t admit it, we take pride in not being like our footloose, compatriots who occupy the other coast with their year round tans, Esalen retreats and anything to do with colon cleansing. So when my fearful dog Sunny, who had spent his early life in a pen in Arkansas, escaped from our house in the [...]

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