Shy dog seminar

A fearful dog's best chance of learning new skills and becoming more confident in the world often rests on their handler's understanding of how fear affects a dog's behavior. The goal of the shy dog seminar is to present information to trainers, rescuers and rehabbers so that they can respond appropriately to a dog's behavior in any situation and continue to work toward improvement in [...]

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You talking to me?

During our woods walk, as we headed down the mountain toward the Roaring Brook, Annie the cocker had stopped, standing perpendicular in the narrow trail, her gaze off into the woods as she processed a scent. Behind me I heard the pounding hoof beats that was Sunny barreling down the trail toward us. As he veered left to avoid Annie, she headed in the same [...]

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Just what is it we expect?

My border collie has a high tolerance for pain. When his attempt to herd an SUV a couple of summers back proved to be a dismal failure, I was amazed and at the same time heartened to see his tail wag as I carried him into the vet's office- a hind flank degloved, opposite hind leg broken, fractured pelvis and other lacerations- when [...]

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More resources for fearful dog owners

Thought I'd share a couple of great resources with folks. Roxanne Hawn has created MP3 files of Dr.Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol. Check out her blog for stories about working with her own fearful dog Lilly. Casey Lomonaco of Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training is Dogster's oracle on fearful dog behavior this month, creating posts with resources for fearful dog owners. Check out her website for lots [...]

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The responsibility of rescue

I recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico, where in my other life, I often travel with groups for my work in organizing active, educational travel adventures for women and students. While staying at the Seagate Hotel, run by Penny Miller, who years ago was among the go-getters who helped get a shelter and clinic built on the island, I met several [...]

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