Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt

This post is being written in conjunction with the Never Shock A Puppy Campaign. When I got out of university and participated in a year long outdoor leadership program playing New Games was all the rage. The motto of New Games is 'Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt'. Games are designed so that people play with each other, not against each other. There is still [...]

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What ever happened to a spoonful of sugar?

When Julie Andrews sailed into the lives of the banker's children as Mary Poppins I was so impressed that I practiced leaping off the top bunk with my own umbrella in preparation for more daring heights (luckily no hospital visits were required). And the idea that a 'spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down' had me wishing that I had to take castor oil [...]

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The gift is in the giving

Changing how we think about our relationship with dogs can be one of the hardest leaps for many people to make. The whole 'pack leader', 'alpha dog', 'I'm the boss of you', mentality has been around long enough to have permeated many of our thoughts about why dogs behave the way they do and how we should respond to them. And although we will never [...]

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Crimes of passion

As humans, despite the incredible ability to think about more than the obvious, we tend to focus on what we see. In the case of our dogs it's their behavior. We are able to accept that there are some behaviors performed by humans, many which cross the line and are crimes, which if not forgivable, at least we understand and offer a degree of leniency [...]

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When in doubt, smile!

In my P.E.T. (play, exercise, training) triad for working with fearful dogs, training is not third on the list because it is any less important than play and exercise. But I think that it shouldn't necessarily be the primary focus when working with a dog, especially a new, fearful one. Besides the fact that E.P.T or T.E.P don't have the same ring to them, I [...]

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