I've been offline for a few days. The current foster dog living with us, Nibbles, escaped from his x-pen, got on my husband's desk and peed on the modem. Not a fan of technology our Nibbles apparently. Nibbles was pulled from a breeder along with 20 or so other dogs, all chihuahuas or small dog mixes. He'd been placed in a foster home, escaped through [...]

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Build it, don’t break it

Remember those pads of paper with the wide spacing and dotted lines running between solid ones used to teach little kids to print letters and numbers? Teaching dogs new behaviors reminds me of them. We give children those extra wide spaces to accommodate their, as yet, uncoordinated movements and make it even easier for them with a chunky, easy to grip, pencil. Then we assign [...]

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Even if barking

Yesterday I attended a seminar with Suzanne Clothier to learn more about her Relationship Assessment Tool. It was, as expected, informative and thought provoking, but that's not what I'm going to write about. I'll save that for another post. The seminar was held at the Monadnock Humane Society in Keene NH. It's a pleasant facility with lots of outdoor space for dogs and an open, [...]

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Fast food thinking about dogs

Tis the season for bad advice. It seems no matter where I turn-blog posts, website, forums, chats- someone is putting ‘don’t comfort your dog when they are scared’ messages out. The last I read, provided by someone who by choice or certification, is identified as a ‘behaviorist’, was a list of tips for dealing with fireworks and storm phobias included; no cooing or baby talk [...]

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Beware the message

When I read many of the blogs, forums or other posts regarding dog training I get the impression that the writer is well intentioned but the information they are sharing is either wrong or misleading. Words are loaded. They come with meanings we may agree with, or don't. I have a list of words I hate. Or at least strongly dislike. I dislike [...]

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