I've come to the conclusion that I have very similar feelings about competitive obedience as I do about beauty pageants. It's not that the women in the competition are not beautiful or clever or don't look stunning in a bathing suit wearing heels. That they can walk so elegantly in those heels has always been a source of envy to me. That they have the [...]

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Poco a poco

In Costa Rica there is a saying; 'Poco a poco la hormiga se come el coco'- bit by bit the ant eats the coconut. I use it often in relation to my fearful dog Sunny. In November Sunny will have been with us for 6 years. He's not the same dog he was when he first arrived but no one would have any trouble identifying [...]

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OCD behavior in dogs

Obsessive compulsive disorder is considered an anxiety disorder in people which can be triggered by traumatic events. There can be a genetic component to OCD. This video was taken while I was volunteering at Camp Katrina in 2005 after the hurricanes. This dog had been rescued from the New Orleans area and sent to the Every Dog Needs A Home Sanctuary in Gamaliel AR, via [...]

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How enriching

Scientists working with lab rats discovered that by providing rats with an enriched environment there was a thickening of their cortices. This is a good thing. An enriched environment for a rat might consist of mazes, toys, and novel objects. Things and activities that provided the rats with the opportunity to 'think'. But scientists also discovered that regardless of how enriching an environment they could [...]

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What are their options?

Scientists who have studied fear in animals have come up with four responses, one or more of which are common, in one form or another, to organisms ranging from bacteria to humans. 1. Withdrawal, avoidance, flee 2. Immobilization, freeze-up 3. Submission, appeasement 4. Aggression When working with our fearful dogs it's important to keep in mind that these responses do not necessarily indicate the 'level' [...]

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Read before operating

Locate parts and compare with diagram. If any parts are missing or do not match the drawing contact your sales representative or service person immediately. Assemble parts using tools provided. Do not overtighten. Failure to follow detailed instructions could lead to injury and/or death. At the current time recycling options for this product are limited.    

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How ya feeling?

Seeing as we humans have these super special brains (according to them anyway) you'd think they'd be more inclined to take advantage of all the stuff they are extra special because of (according to them anyway). Stuff like introspection and self-reflection, a couple of things that that they think other, lesser brains, are not capable of. Sometimes I have to remind my brain to ask [...]

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It is so not about being tired

"A tired dog is a good dog." Ugh. Seriously? A good dog is a good dog from the moment they wake up in the morning. I understand that many dog trainers think they need to dumb down concepts for pet owners and present them in the context of how they will benefit the owner. "Your dog needs to go for walks, and it will make [...]

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Something else is sometimes nothing

Some dogs are afraid of stuff. Stuff they are unfamiliar with, stuff they see routinely. Some are ok with stuff inside the house, but not stuff outside. Other dogs are ok with 'things' but not people or animals. Trying to get fearful dogs to stop being afraid of anything is challenging and I am often impressed by how many people truly want to try. And [...]

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