Sh*t happens

It's true, sh*t happens and when it does it's good to know about it. It's like those fast food restaurants with the sign in the bathroom that says 'Please let us know if this restroom does not meet our high standards for cleanliness'. If sh*t happens and you don't know about it, how can you clean it up? In the industry of animal rescue, and [...]

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Living in the moment

Of all of the silly things I hear in regard to dog behavior the proclamation that 'dogs live in the moment' perhaps takes the cake. It is usually used to criticize owners for being understanding of their dog's past and that unlike humans, that past doesn't effect them. They are furry zen masters of 'be here now'.  The idea that it is the owner's response [...]

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Join me!

I'd like to invite you all to visit with me over at the Life With Dogs site where I will be blogging each Wednesday. I'll be writing about fear based behavior challenges in dogs (of course). I'll be creating a unique post for both Fearful Dogs Blog and Life With Dogs. You'll find a wonderful community of dog lovers and advocates enjoying the antics of [...]

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Fear & bum knees

One of the difficult things for people to understand is that fear based behaviors are not often easy or possible to 'get over' for all dogs. The idea that a dog will adjust is not always an option. In order for a dog to adjust to a new life, new people, places, objects, situations, they need to have a previously established set point for 'adjustment'. [...]

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Treats for tricks

One of my responsibilities when I foster a dog is to give them as many skills as possible for making sense of people. This is helpful for any dog but crucial for a fearful dog. Along with teaching a dog basic life skills such as; waiting at open doors or gates, coming when called, getting in and out of cars, getting off of furniture when [...]

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Ta da!

That's all folks! 24 posts in 24 hours. All to help raise money to help animals. Blogathon2011. Your donations to the NE Humane Society are tax deductible and will be matched in kind. Check out the posts from other bloggers, each working to help the people helping the animals they are moved by. Thanks for stopping by and for your support. No one of us [...]

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Using rewards to manipulate behavior

There is still time to make a donation to help the people helping the animals. Your donation is tax deductible and will be matched, a twofer! As a follow-up to my last post here is a video showing how we use food to give dogs new skills and pattern new behaviors. Kelly was fearful of people and by using food to get him to move [...]

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Make love not war

Despite all the evidence indicating that aggressive, intimidating handling can lead to heightened aggressive responses in dogs, there are still people, dog trainers among them, who will insist that unless we use overwhelming punishment or coercion with an aggressive dog (who may be aggressive because they are scared, even if it doesn't look or feel like it to us), we are doing the dogs of [...]

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Nice to see you!

Nikolaas Tinbergen, an early ethologist said that 'ethology is the study of animal behavior and we must interview the animals in their own language', or something to that effect, sorry I couldn't come up with the actual quote. We have failed dogs miserably to this end. Dog behavior is horribly misunderstood. TV shows and movies anthropomorphise dog behavior while celebrity trainers make up their own [...]

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