Nibbles-the journey continues

So yes, Nibbles in now my dog. I didn't want a 4th dog, I didn't want Nibbles, but when the head of the rescue group responsible for him (legally that is) told me they were going to send someone to my house to pick him up and transport him a 7 hour car ride and plane or ferry ride away, I panicked. I had been [...]

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Bad’s already happened

A common misunderstanding about ways to work with dogs who are fearful is that we can show them that they don't have any reason to be afraid of something. We think of it like this (you can replace anything that might scare a dog for the 'man with hat'). Dog sees 'man with hat'-feels fear-nothing bad happens. If the dog sees 'man with hat' frequently [...]

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What’s your standard?

Standard- an accepted or approved example of something against which others are judged or measured. I was recently contacted by someone who was starting a rescue group for dogs with mild to moderate behavior challenges. I'm not sure how 'mild to moderate' was being quantified and nothing about the information they readily shared gave any indication that they did either. They may be skilled people [...]

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Don’t teach them to run before they can walk

When I was growing up it was likely you'd find a box of wooden 'strike anywhere' matches in any household. For kids these matches provided hours of recreation and skill building. First we had to learn to light them using the rough siding on the box, but we didn't stop there, we were determined to put the definition of  'anywhere' to the test. Rocks, sidewalks [...]

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Poor puppy

I have the opportunity to talk to many people about their fearful dogs. One thing almost all of them have in common is that they waited too long to get help for themselves and their dog. I'm not pointing a finger of blame at them, I understand the delay. Most of the dogs we've lived with have been adaptable, resilient and tolerant. Some have been [...]

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Sorry about that!

For those of you who got numerous notices about a blog post please accept my apologies! Not sure what happened as I hadn't even intended to publish the post, it was an as yet unedited morning rant I was having with myself. Something did cause my computer to freeze up and I suspect you can imagine that sinking feeling I had in my gut when [...]

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