Stop The Barking AND Lower Your Blood Pressure

This is a post about how to stop a dog’s barking. It’s not about how to eliminate barking in dogs. Let’s be real. Dogs bark and somewhere along the way toward domestication we must have liked that and selected for it. It’s not a dog’s fault that they live in an apartment building or neighborhood where people don’t want to hear a dog bark. Expecting [...]

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Adding Accountability

I have been involved in 'rescuing' and finding home for dogs. I have worked with shelters and on my own. I have been negligent in performing the things I am going to address in this blog post so my high horse is not quite as tall as it sounds. I acknowledge the good intentions, hard work and struggles that most people involved in animal rescue [...]

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It’s So Not About The Food

The resistance to use food to train dogs is among one of the challenges reward based trainers face with pet owners. Nevermind that state of the art, modern animal sanctuaries, zoos, research labs and amusement parks use food rewards to train animals, dog owners find the idea of giving their dog something other than a pat on the head, to get behaviors, aversive. Their reticence [...]

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