Breed Specific Legislation & Alpha Dog Myths

As smart as we humans consider ourselves to be, we can be remarkably short-sighted or inconsiderate of the effects of our beliefs or actions. Antibiotics have saved countless lives and I consider myself among the lucky in history to have lived in an age during which we have access to them. But we have also learned that unless we use them judiciously, the fall out [...]

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Sunny & Seaglass

Strolling a beach who can help but be pleased to find a piece of sanded smooth seaglass?  With the sharp edges worn down to safety they are tiny treasures used to make jewelry. Bathrooms around the world contain baskets of the stuff gathered during vacations and holidays. Even with their shiny surface blurred by abrasion we rarely resist the urge to put a piece in [...]

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Small, White Dogs

image: At the vet with Finn, who was having his second chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma, I chatted with one of the techs, who was also a dog walker. She mentioned a client's German Shepherd, I said how I always wanted one, but so many seem to have behavioral problems. Her reply was that for her the worst were small, white dogs, because [...]

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Annie Finds Her Bliss

Years ago I attended seminars and conferences for small business owners. The inevitable inspirational speaker would invariably talk about how if you do what you love you will be successful. Last week Annie discovered fish. She has spent hours every day watching for and stalking fish. Of all my dogs she was the one most tentative around water. After nine years Annie seems to have gotten [...]

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Ooops. My Bad.

Give me a break. Cut me some slack. We learn from our mistakes. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Four dogs practicing doing something that probably makes no sense to them. Despite the fact that our language is littered with phrases that attempt to make us feel ok about making mistakes, or to request that others [...]

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Training Treat

Earlier this week I had a two vet visit day. Two different dogs, two different vets. While waiting in the exam room in both clinics I helped myself to some of the treats available on a counter (good treats at that, not just biscuits). I tossed them around the room encouraging dogs to 'go find it'. I often use the isolated, quiet time to work [...]

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Reality Bites

During Sunny's 7th summer at the lake he finally started swimming out after balls. A trainer friend shared feedback with me that she got from clients who have read my book, A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog. Some were disheartened by how long it took for Sunny to show progress in dealing with the fear based challenges in his life. [...]

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