Folk Healers

We have a long, rich history of folk healing. In modern times many of the remedies people still rely on either include or refer back to cures used before people understood the cause of disease. "Hair of the dog," the term used to suggest that having a drink to help ease the effects of a hangover may go back to a time when the hair [...]

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Good Enough Maybe Isn’t

Dogs are remarkable. They are so adept at figuring out what we want that we are often led to believe that we know what we're going. Enough dogs figured out how to change their behavior when faced with Cesar Millan's alpha rolling, tssking, and neck pokes that people came to believe that they knew how to be leaders and how dogs need to be handled. [...]

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Say Thank You

Thanks for sticking around during a walk in the woods If your kids bring you breakfast in bed it's best not to respond, "I hope you didn't leave me a mess in the kitchen to clean-up!" Or accept a gift and explain why it's not something you'd ever use. You could I suppose but not if you want to see either of these [...]

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Surviving in the Wilderness

When I was younger I trained to be an "outdoor leader" so I could take people into the mountains or on rivers, for days at a time. I studied wilderness first aid and carried a knife to cut ropes, wore a helmet and PFD on rivers, enjoyed shopping for clothes and shoes designed using the latest technology and fabric for keeping me warm and dry, [...]

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Losing Your Audience

I enjoy reading nonfiction and watching documentaries. But there are some books and videos I will avoid watching or stop watching, they are too upsetting to me. It won't matter how important someone tells me the information I'd be gaining is or how artfully it is presented. There are award-winning films I have not watched because I know how they end; me feeling bad. Berate [...]

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