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SHELTERS & HUMANE SOCIETIES can help get this information out to the people who need it the most by hosting a shy dog seminar for staff and pet owners.

“I feel strongly about the need for this information to be available to people living with and handling dogs that I work with groups to find cost effective ways for them to host trainings and seminars. My goal is to help make adoptions of shy dogs successful for both dogs and new owners. Too many dogs are lost or returned due to mishandling.” Debbie Jacobs

Online conference calls and webinars are available for rescue groups and foster care givers. Rescue groups can help ensure that all their foster homes are doing the best they can to help fearful, shy and anxious dogs thrive and improve.


Behavior Basics & Beyond and Understanding Fear Based Behavior Recordings available!

Animal Trainer’s Collaborative Puerto Rico This trip filled in 2020!

Topics Available For Seminars, Courses & Hands-on Workshops

The Shy Dog Talk: A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog

Teaching people how to understand, live with and train fearful dogs. If you:

  • Work in a shelter or with a rescue group
  • Own a fearful dog
  • Work in a vet clinic or office
  • Pet sit
  • Groom
  • Walk dogs
  • Are a dog trainer………

The information provided in these seminars & workshops will help you understand the most effective and humane ways to interact with fearful, shy or anxious dogs to see the positive changes in their behavior.

CEUs are available by the CCPDT.

Trainers and pet owners alike will benefit from this informative presentation. Topics, video and discussions include:

* Why dogs are afraid
* What fear looks like
* Common myths & misunderstandings
* How to handle a fearful dog
* Training concepts & techniques
* Games & activities
* Medications, supplements & other calming aids
* Special focus on working with dogs with few to no social skills for interacting with people

“I’ve attended Deb’s fearful dog seminar myself and although I’ve been a professional dog trainer for almost twenty years, I learned some things I didn’t know, that I am already putting into practice in some of my dog training classes.” Bill Grant, Ultimate Companion

“It was great meeting you – Jess and I really enjoyed the workshop and the information….Your mission is so important and the info is SO needed.” Peg Munves, Step In Time Training

“The Debbie Jacobs seminar was excellent today! It was very well received by a very attentive audience.” Carole Kaye, Concord Dog Training Club

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Shy Dog Training Classes

A series of classes which provide handlers with experience working with dogs in a controlled setting. Bring this valuable opportunity to your staff, clients, club members and your community.

Setting Up For Success

Helping new owners, shelter workers and foster care givers understand the most effective ways to manage and work with fearful dogs gives these animals their best chance of success. There are common mistakes that handlers of fearful dogs make, and they are easily avoided.

This seminar provides a step-by-step overview of how to bring a fearful, shy or anxious dog into your home or care facility and provide the appropriate management and handling to keep the dog feeling safe and on the road to developing more skills and confidence.

P.E.T Therapy an integrative approach to rehabilitating fearful dogs.

Behavior: How it works. How to get it. How to end it.

In order to effectively, efficiently and humanely work to decrease problematic behaviors we need a foundation in the understanding of how behavior works. Learn how to:

Make assessments about a dog’s behavior

Determine the causes of problem behavior

Come up with management and training plans