Is Food Really the Problem?

Guess what these dogs are looking forward to getting? From the comments I've been hearing and the stuff I've been reading on the internet one would be inclined to think that the use of food in training poses great problems or risks. I cannot think of one conversation I've had with a trainer who laments that their clients reinforce behaviors with food too [...]

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Assume They Bite

Even a "good" dog has teeth. During his early time with us Sunny never growled or lifted a lip toward me or my husband. No one was more surprised than I was when he landed a bite on my neighbor's calf when she was walking in front of our house. I soon learned  from other, more experienced fearful dog owners, that there was [...]

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Fixing What Ails You

It seems that many of us go through our lives trying to make something better or fix something that we hold responsible for our troubles. Years ago I was traveling with a couple of friends. One an ex-housemate who I enjoyed and laughed with, the other, his girlfriend was a friend only the most superficial of ways. We worked at the same place and we [...]

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So You Want To Be a Dog Trainer

So You Want To Be a Dog TrainerThere are plenty of options out there for online or DVD dog training courses. Knowing what you are getting is important because there are currently no guidelines for who can offer you certification to hang on your wall declaring you a dog trainer. And more importantly is there are no guidelines for the content of the information you [...]

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