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Schedule a consultation with Debbie

Wherever you live you have access to the most up-to-date, evidence-based information regarding how to work with your dog’s challenging behaviors.

You can schedule a phone or online consultation with the author of A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog to discuss ways you can help your dog feel more comfortable in the world, and the skills you need to make it happen.

Debbie will explain what your fearful dog wishes you knew so you can continue on the path toward confidence and improved skills. The cost for a one-hour consultation is $95 and includes a PDF copy of A Guide To Living With & Training A Fearful Dog.

International consultations are available using Skype or other online platforms.

For information on consultations or in-home visits please use the contact form below or call 802-257-0152 (Vermont USA EST). The cost for a one hour consultation is $95us. Contact Debbie with dates and times that work best for your schedule. 

Please click on the icon below to make your payment at least 24 hours prior to a consult.

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Please note: I do my best to respond to questions I receive from owners or caretakers of fearful dogs, but it is often impossible for me to keep up with the number of emails asking for suggestions or advice. If you are committed to working with a dog and want information on setting up a training and rehabilitation plan, please schedule a consultation.

Please give a brief description of the behavior(s) you are concerned about.
If you live outside the U.S. please indicate in the comments which time zone you are in.

Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
Find out how these three simple words can change everything for you too.