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Welcome Trainers and Other Pros!

The animal training industry is changing. Despite the lack of regulation in the industry, standards are rising as more trainers become educated in Applied Behavior Analysis. Professional trainers need to be equipped to assess problem behavior, design interventions and implement them, without relying on force, pain, or coercion. The information you’ll find here will support and increase your education in evidence-based training.

Upcoming Events

Working with Fear, Aggression & Reactivity

Join me at Lemon’s Hope Sanctuary for 1-2 days of learning the most efficient and humane ways to address extreme behavioral challenges.

May 20 & 21, 2023 (2nd day is optional)

CEUs from CCPDT pending

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Upcoming and on-demand webinars on working with animals with fear-based behavior challenges, as well as other problem behaviors, along with topics of interest to anyone committed to science-based training. Both novice and experienced trainers will benefit from the information shared in these webinars.

CEUs for CPDTs and other professionals often available.

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In-Person Workshops

Debbie is available for seminars and workshops at your location, and also regularly offers workshops at Lemon’s Hope Sanctuary in Brattleboro VT. Available for private group training, Lemon’s Hope in scenic southern Vermont is accessible to major urban areas in New England.

View samples of past workshops to see what we offer.

CEUs for CPDTs and other professionals often available.

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Become a Patron

Get exclusive content for patrons only, including live, private webinars, chats, patron-only blog, recordings and behind the scenes access to Debbie and her work helping owners and trainers work with problem behaviors. Patrons support important projects like the Walking In The Woods with Dogs Podcast and low cost training for rescue groups and foster caregivers.

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Books to Help Fearful Dogs

Fearful Dog books by Debbie Jacobs include “A Guide to Living With & Training a Fearful Dog” in both English and Spanish, in digital and print. This book was a finalist in the 2008 Dog Writers Association of America writing competition. Debbie’s other book is “Does My Dog Need Prozac? Musings and sound advice on living with a shy, anxious, fearful or reactive dog.”

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Articles, Posts & Other Resources

Fearful Dogs offers a large collection of behavior and training resources of evidence-based behavior and training information for animal professionals whether novice or advanced. Debbie frequently adds more resources.

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Facebook Group

Fearful Dogs is one of the most respected and recommended groups on Facebook for anyone with a fearful dog. Created to provide a supportive community for fearful dog owners and trainers the group also includes groomers, pet sitters, fosters, veterinarians, and veterinary behaviorists. Members have access to educational group files and documents.

Also visit our Facebook page

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Podcast - Walking in the Woods with Dogs

Topics of interest to animal trainers and behavior analysts. Featuring a narration of B.F. Skinner’s Science and Human Behavior, among the most important texts for anyone interested in behavior analysis.

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Contact Debbie for Presentations and Consults

If you’re looking for an educational and engaging seminar to bring evidence-based and state of the art training information to your staff and community Debbie is available for both online and in-person presentations and workshops.

Professional trainers struggling with challenging cases who need support for creating effective interventions can schedule phone or online consultations.

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Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
Find out how these three simple words can change everything for you too.