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Lemon’s Hope Sanctuary Fundraiser

Working With Fear, Aggression & Reactivity

Behavior, Learning and Training

All attendees will be entered into a drawing for a free training consultation at Training Matters. 

Shortcuts and seeming magical methods inevitably produce flawed and unreliable behavior. Many of the animals we are responsible for teaching, don’t have time for interventions that rely on the use of guesswork or the current protocol making the rounds in dog training.

Animals who frequently display behaviors that we’d label fearful, aggressive, anxious or reactive require trainers who have a greater understanding of how to assess behavior and develop effective and humane interventions to give them skills, that without, can lead to a life of limitations, or euthanasia. Training is serious business, and at Lemon’s Hope Sanctuary, we take it seriously.

During this full day event you will be introduced to:

  • An overview of how fear, stress and anxiety contribute to a range of behavioral and medical issues
  • In-home management of challenging dogs
  • Assessing the function of behaviors
  • Linear vs non-linear contingency analysis
  • How to develop operant and classical conditioning plans
  • Reinforcement schedules
  • Enrichment as intervention

Dates: March 4, 2023 9am-4pm EST

Location: 1104 Ames Hill, Brattleboro Vermont

Cost: Sliding Scale. (Trainers regularly pay upwards of $100 for this full day event. Any donation is welcome, just be sure to come, the information in this presentation is important for you to know.)

CEUs: CPDT 6 CEUs for trainers

Your instructor Debbie Jacobs, RBT, CPDT is known for her work specializing in the management and training of dogs struggling with fear-based behaviors. Her book A Guide To Living and Training a Fearful Dog, first published in 2007 continues to be a valuable and important resource for pet owners.

Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
Find out how these three simple words can change everything for you too.