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By Published On: February 3rd, 2011

I have a sense of humor, really I do. I think those pictures of puppies in hotdog buns, chewing on shoe laces and snoozing belly up are cute, I do, really. But amidst the funny and cute are images which make me cringe. This is the latest one, sandwiched amidst the funny and cute-

puppy being dragged into the ocean

Cute? Not so much. Funny? How so? Is watching a puppy being dragged somewhere against their will funny? Could someone explain this to me?

Or as bad, the human on the other end of the leash hasn’t even given a thought to what this pup is experiencing.

Hopefully it didn’t end up being a big deal for the pup, but that’s not even the point, the point is that enough people think that this image belongs amidst the funny and the cute.

And then there’s this gem-

child holding a dog's mouth shut

Put the camera down dad and get little Susie out of there. And thank the dog as you walk away for suffering your negligence in allowing a toddler to handle a chained dog in this way.

I’ll take puppies in flower pots any day over these.

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