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By Published On: February 26th, 2012

Apparently irony is lost on Sunny’s hoarder Tammy Hanson. She is suing the sheriff’s department and others for cruel and unusual conditions she claims she was subjected to while in prison for cruelty involving dogs she had collected on her property.

Certainly jail time is not meant to inflict the same conditions on someone which they were convicted of inflicting on others. Nor is it meant to exact revenge for deeds done. It’s suppose to be punishment for a crime, with the idea being that it will serve as a deterrent to committing the same crime again the future.

After being found guilty  Tammy and her husband fled Arkansas before she could be sentenced. They were discovered 3 years later in Vermont with over 30 dogs. I’m proud that Tammy did not have anything bad to say about the treatment she received while incarcerated here in Vermont before being relocated to a jail in Baxter County.

The reality is that serving time in jail without treatment and therapy is not likely going to stop Tammy and hoarders like her. And even with that, without continued supervision, most hoarders will begin their collections again, with all the associated suffering and horror. Maybe this lawsuit will keep her busy for awhile.

You can read the article here.

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