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Jumps on people!

Doesn’t come when I call!

Won’t let me trim their nails!

Barks at other dogs!

Pulls on leash!

Pees in the house!

Growls at guests!

Can’t be left home alone!

Chews the furniture!

This seminar addresses the behavior of all dogs, not only those who are fearful, anxious or reactive. 

Whether you are a pet owner interested in learning more about how to get your pets to do, or stop doing something, are a professional trainer, groomer, pet sitter, dog walker, vet or tech, come and get straight talk about modern training and behavior modification.

How behavior works

How to teach any animal to do anything

Why inappropriate behavior persists even with training

You will learn how to train any animal to get strong, reliable behaviors, whatever your current experience is.

Join us at the lovely Upper Way Farm in Brattleboro VT for this informative and fun seminar.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with one of the dog training industry’s most respected trainers of fearful, shy, reactive or aggressive dogs.

Date: May 11, 2019 2-4pm

Cost: $20

For more information: 802-257-0152

Reserve your spot now. Directions and details will be provided.

CEUs for CPDTs pending.

Behavior is Lawful.

These words changed the world of dog training for me. 
Find out how these three simple words can change everything for you too.