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By Published On: October 7th, 2011

Seeing as we humans have these super special brains (according to them anyway) you’d think they’d be more inclined to take advantage of all the stuff they are extra special because cartoon image of a brain inside a headof (according to them anyway). Stuff like introspection and self-reflection, a couple of things that that they think other, lesser brains, are not capable of.

Sometimes I have to remind my brain to ask itself  “How ya doing there brain?” when it’s working with one of those supposedly ‘lesser’ brains (and I am referring to a dog’s brain, not one of those human brains that rarely seems to do any self-reflection). Because if my brain responds that it’s; frustrated, tired, angry, upset, impatient or confused, it means it’s time to put on the kettle and make my brain a cup of tea. Because sometimes it’s my gut doing the thinking and it’s telling my brain that it needs to take a break, sit down and wish that it had been clever enough to put those opposable thumbs to good use and baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday so there would be some right now to have with a cup of tea. My gut is usually pretty astute when it comes to telling my brain what’s what.

Living with any other creature on the planet can be challenging. Heck living with some machines can be challenging but my high functioning brain should be able to sort out when it makes sense to take a break. As often as my brain thinks that something needs to be done RIGHT NOW (chocolate chip cookies aside), it often doesn’t matter one way or the other. My brain’s been pretty good about not creating crises that require immediate action, something I would like to thank it for (thank you brain). This means that maybe my dog’s brain doesn’t have to be able to do whatever it is my brain wants it to be able to do RIGHT NOW. Maybe my brain can cut his brain some slack.

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