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By Published On: March 1st, 2012

For those of you who got numerous notices about a blog post please accept my apologies! Not sure what happened as I hadn’t even intended to publish the post, it was an as yet unedited morning rant I was having with myself. Something did cause my computer to freeze up and I suspect you can imagine that sinking feeling I had in my gut when on restarting and going into my blog I saw it had not only been published, bad enough, but repeatedly.

In the scheme of things it’s small potatoes, but embarrassing and I can still feel a little of the adrenalin in my fingers and constriction in my chest as I type my apology. But for someone who tries to help scared dogs, it’s a good reminder of the physiological effects of disturbing events.

Still snowing here in southern Vermont. I suspect I should go out and shovel some of my jitters away.

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