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Guest Blogger Roxanne Hawn

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Fearfuldogs: Tell me about your dog Lilly. Roxanne: Lilly is a nearly 5-year-old smooth coat border collie, adopted at 6 months old from a progressive humane society in Boulder, CO. She came in as a transfer. So, she lived in two shelters and a foster home before we adopted her. She passed all temperament testing with better-than-average scores even though she did show some shyness/fear. ...

Play It Again!

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Dogs that are afraid of people find very little about being with us pleasant, even if nothing 'bad' is happening to them. Just being near people is enough to get their hearts racing and adrenalin flowing. In order to change how a dog feels about people (or anything it's afraid of for that matter) you have to provide the dog with some very ...