Steps Toward Success

Too often when we are working toward a goal, whatever it is, we are so focused on the long term outcome that we fail to notice the progress we're making along the way. This is true when working with a fearful dog as well, we do not notice the small steps our dogs are making away from fear. The behavior which makes my [...]

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Thinking is Good!

Studies have shown that thinking and learning can slow or even reverse the effects of aging on the human brain. Learning new skills, like playing the piano or line dancing, doing crossword puzzles or brushing up on quadratic equations, is important for humans at any age. It seems that the axiom, 'use it or lose it' is true for our minds. I thought about this [...]

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Way More Fun Than Photos

I have been shooting videos of Sunny since he started being able to engage with the world. Prior to that I rarely took pictures of him, it just wasn't worth scaring him for it. Now of course I wish I did have some footage of him living in his corner, rather than just few grainy photos shot indoors without a flash (thought it would scare [...]

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Medications for Fearful Dogs

The topic of using medications to help a fearful dog can bring up some strong reactions in folks, both for and against. It makes good sense to learn about how the medications available today work and how they can help a dog, rather than just dismissing them outright. Not all fearful dogs need medication to help them feel less stressed or to aid in the [...]

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How To Help A Fearful Dog? Stop Scaring Them!

In a blog about fearful dogs you wouldn't think that I'd pay so much attention to this whole dominance virus that has infected the health of our relationships with our dogs, but it's major. I run an in-home boarding business for dogs. It's a nice set-up for the dogs and the owners that use my services are conscientious pet owners. It's not a scene that [...]

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The Face That Launched A Website

I always have envied people who felt so passionately about something that it offered them meaning and structure in their lives. Here's a look at the 'something' that inspired me to create the website. Meet my fearful dog Sunny.

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Energy Wise : The Sequel

'The Power Of Intent' by Dr. Wayne Dwyer was being aired on PBS, though I'd listened to it on CD I decided that the message of his presentation was worth hearing again and so stayed awake to watch it. The presentation, like many other things, had me thinking about my fearful dog Sunny. Since Sunny arrived in my life I have been inspired to help [...]

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The Gift of the Growl

I make no pretenses about it, I am obsessed with my fearful dog Sunny. Not only do I think about him, I am always looking for ways to help him, and other scared dogs. Leafing through an old issue of Newsweek I read a quote attributed to Tibet's Karmapa Lama and of course, thought of scared dogs.  "For any living being, when you feel the [...]

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Play It Again!

Dogs that are afraid of people find very little about being with us pleasant, even if nothing 'bad' is happening to them. Just being near people is enough to get their hearts racing and adrenalin flowing. In order to change how a dog feels about people (or anything it's afraid of for that matter) you have to provide the dog with some very [...]

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Won’t or Can’t?

Imagine you're at a party and you ask someone to dance. Instead of jumping up and enthusiastically accepting your offer they look away and confess that they don't know how to dance. Now imagine you repeat your request this time extending the invitation to someone who moments before had been dancing up a storm. This time your offer is also declined. I suspect that you [...]

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