What It Takes

I had a call recently from a concerned owner with a service dog who was becoming more and more reactive to sounds and changes in her environment. The dog was described as "timid" even on arrival into the home of her new handler. I will not address the reality that someone trained and placed a dog to be a service dog in the community who [...]

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The neighbor kid has enjoyed learning how to train dogs For the past two summers I've been staying with my mum near Cape Cod. I know that having her youngest, and least fastidious daughter come and stay along with her four dogs is a challenge for her, but it's a trade-off she's had to make. Despite needing to spray the couch with Febreeze [...]

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I Confess

I live with 4 dogs who I enjoy the company of, care greatly about and wouldn't trade for the world. I like to think that they feel the same about me. But lately, as friends get sturdy puppies who are growing up to be confident and handsome dogs, I find myself feeling nostalgic about dogs from my past. And dreaming of dogs in my future. [...]

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Work Toward Play

We are familiar with the experience of living with an aging creature and being caught by surprise when we realize how much they have changed before our eyes. This routinely happens to me when I look in the mirror, "When the heck did THAT happen?!" The same thing can happen with our fearful dogs. Their progress can be so slow that it's difficult to notice until [...]

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