Alternative treatments for fearful dogs

Things that can help fearful dogs feel less anxious

Growing Pains in Dog Training

I suspect that all industries experience growing pains. It may be that they are a constant in any kind of industry, change for the better always being a shining light on the horizon we should be striving for. Thirteen years ago when I first began my search for information to help my extremely fearful dog Sunny, it wasn't unusual for there to be responses to [...]

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Clean-up On Aisle Dog

Photo courtesy of Olathe Animal Hospital If you happen to be privy to the chatter that goes on between dog trainers, what I am going to say will not be new to you. Daily, dog trainers are contacted to help an owner with a dog, a normal, healthy, fully functioning dog, whose behavior has become untenable or even dangerous. Sometimes we're contacted within [...]

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Just Say “I’ll Think About It”

Concern about the use of drugs is not new In the 80's there was a campaign to keep kids off of drugs and the mantra was "just say no to drugs."  I thought the better advice to give kids about what they should or shouldn't do when it came to their physical and mental health was "just say I'll think about it." I would [...]

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Climb Aboard?

I haven’t been involved in the dog training field as long as some, but it’s been long enough to observe that we are as prone as the next person to hitch rides on bandwagons as they go through town. Our interest in the latest new thing is at once a good thing, possibly benign or potentially dangerous. If someone wants to spend weeks seeing if [...]

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Because Why?

I don't want to come across as someone who trolls the internet looking for other people's websites, blog posts or videos to criticize. More often I try to ignore most of it. Sometimes it lands in my lap. The link to the video included in this post was shared with me by the manufacturers of a new product designed to eliminate anxiety in dogs. I [...]

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Webinar-Medications To Treat Fear Based Behavior Challenges

Yes, yes I know, people use too many drugs. People think drugs are the solution to everything. Drugs have side effects. I won't dispute any of those statements, but at the same time drugs can save lives and the side effects of some conditions are worse than the possible side effects of some drugs. Being scared is no way to live. The reasoning [...]

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Happy New Year!

I am grateful to all of you for your continued readership. Your comments and feedback provide me with the reinforcement I need to continue to learn and share information about how we can make life easier and better for our beloved, anxious and fearful dogs. As a pragmatic New Englander whose views on life & the universe were tempered by years of living in northern [...]

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The Belly Button Rule

When I was a young child and our family visited a body of water to swim in my parents instituted the the belly button rule. The older, more proficient swimmers could swim out to rafts in the middle of the lake or play in the waves, but the little kids could go no deeper than their belly buttons. If we lost our footing [...]

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Give them a break

When I volunteered at our local shelter and ran a 'working with the dogs' orientation for new volunteers, one of the suggestions I made was to give dogs a break. When most people volunteer at a shelter they usually think in terms of walking or playing with the animals. Both are wonderful things to do, but along with exercise and stimulation, animals living in shelters [...]

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Free music to calm your dog

This is true- my 5-CD player is currently filled with 5 CDs of Through A Dog's Ear. From the Through A Dog's Ear website "The music of Through a Dog’s Ear builds on the ground breaking psychoacoustic research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). Known as the “Einstein of the ear,” Tomatis discovered the extraordinary powers of sound as a “nutrient for the nervous system.” His [...]

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