Random Acts of Cruelty

In the same way that fast food has provided us with the opportunity to over consume sugars, fats and chemical additives that may be contributing to, if not outright causing, many of the diseases prevalent in the western world, the "balanced" field of dog training has provided us with the opportunities and excuses to be cruel to our dogs, the implications of which are ignored [...]

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Just Say “I’ll Think About It”

Concern about the use of drugs is not new In the 80's there was a campaign to keep kids off of drugs and the mantra was "just say no to drugs."  I thought the better advice to give kids about what they should or shouldn't do when it came to their physical and mental health was "just say I'll think about it." I would [...]

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Grow Up

At some point early in the life of a human we develop intellectually and emotionally enough to realize that it's not always just about us. Hopefully when this happens we've had plenty of time to learn to feel safe and loved. It's not an easy step to take, but a step that most of us not only take, but run with. We go on to become teachers, [...]

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Better Than Average

In my world the reality is that those of us living with a dog with fear-based behavior challenges must be better than average pet owners. I say this meaning no offense to average pet owners. Anyone who chooses to live with an animal is ahead of the curve in my book. Most however do not add a dog to their lives in order to have [...]

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