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Doing What Comes Naturally

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We live with animals and it's easy to lose sight of the fact. When it comes to dogs we are living with animals who are designed with varying degrees of proficiency or intensity to; hunt, chase, catch, kill, chew, shred, mark and bark. They also breed and poop, and often at times and places we'd rather they didn't. We've brought these animals into our homes ...

Better Than Average

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In my world the reality is that those of us living with a dog with fear-based behavior challenges must be better than average pet owners. I say this meaning no offense to average pet owners. Anyone who chooses to live with an animal is ahead of the curve in my book. Most however do not add a dog to their lives in order to have ...

Surviving Adoption

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Ray Coppinger studies the world's population of free-ranging dogs. These are the domesticated dog (as opposed to wild dogs) who are not under the reproductive control of humans. There are millions of them and they represent over 80% of the world's population of dogs. He has looked at how dogs end up living as pets. The most common thing that happens is that dogs adopt ...

Are We Their Best Friends?

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I was asked by a newspaper to write a review for the film One Nation Under Dog which will be showing at a local film festival. Here it is. One Nation Under Dog is a documentary divided into three segments exploring the complicated and often eccentric relationships people have with dogs. Though some of the scenes are not appropriate for young children, whether you are ...

OCD behavior in dogs

By |2011-10-25T20:03:11-04:00October 25th, 2011|Categories: Helping fearful dogs, Medications for fearful dogs, Puppy mills|

Obsessive compulsive disorder is considered an anxiety disorder in people which can be triggered by traumatic events. There can be a genetic component to OCD. This video was taken while I was volunteering at Camp Katrina in 2005 after the hurricanes. This dog had been rescued from the New Orleans area and sent to the Every Dog Needs A Home Sanctuary in Gamaliel AR, via ...

Fearful dogs & trauma & abuse

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Early on in my search for information to help me understand my fearful dog someone sent me a paper on the effects of abuse and trauma on children. I would thank her and share the paper if I remembered who it was and hadn't given my only copy of it away. Sorry. This was a pivotal event for me. I realized that my efforts to ...