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Surviving Adoption

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Ray Coppinger studies the world's population of free-ranging dogs. These are the domesticated dog (as opposed to wild dogs) who are not under the reproductive control of humans. There are millions of them and they represent over 80% of the world's population of dogs. He has looked at how dogs end up living as pets. The most common thing that happens is that dogs adopt ...

Sh*t happens

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It's true, sh*t happens and when it does it's good to know about it. It's like those fast food restaurants with the sign in the bathroom that says 'Please let us know if this restroom does not meet our high standards for cleanliness'. If sh*t happens and you don't know about it, how can you clean it up? In the industry of animal rescue, and ...

How to get ‘less adoptable’ dogs adopted

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When the term 'less adoptable' dogs is mentioned different images come to mind. Some might think of dogs with physical disabilities or old dogs. Others might think of dogs with behavioral challenges, dogs that don't get along with other dogs or certain members of the human race. When I think of less adoptable dogs I have to admit that almost any dog over 6 months ...