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The Changing Role & Responsibility of Rescues & Shelters

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There may have been a time when schools only needed to be charged with teaching students reading, writing and arithmetic. But as society changes schools become responsible for instruction that either used to be provided at home, or represents a new field of study. When I was in high school we had a choice of taking home economics or shop. In previous years the option ...

Caribbean Volunteer Vacation-Changing Our Lives

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I suppose that when one has lived long enough it's easy to slide into waxing philosophical about life, and I have definitely stepped onto that slope. Having been fortunate to have what I needed in life as far as my physical needs being met--safe home, food, medical care, etc., I have had the luxury to invest time, money and energy into the things that bring ...

Fostering Success

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Giving a dog an interim home while they are in the rescue system is a kind and generous act. Few who do it seem to realize how important the role they play is. It goes beyond providing a safe and comfortable place for a dog to reside while a permanent home is sought for them. Though they are not pack animals, dogs are social animals. ...

Nibbles-the journey continues

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So yes, Nibbles in now my dog. I didn't want a 4th dog, I didn't want Nibbles, but when the head of the rescue group responsible for him (legally that is) told me they were going to send someone to my house to pick him up and transport him a 7 hour car ride and plane or ferry ride away, I panicked. I had been ...

Sh*t happens

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It's true, sh*t happens and when it does it's good to know about it. It's like those fast food restaurants with the sign in the bathroom that says 'Please let us know if this restroom does not meet our high standards for cleanliness'. If sh*t happens and you don't know about it, how can you clean it up? In the industry of animal rescue, and ...

Off-topic on Adoption

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I am straying from the fearful dog theme for just a moment. I have been looking at a lot of shelter and rescue websites. Some are fabulous, many are the obvious and well-intentioned efforts of people who are website novices, too many feature auto-music that starts blaring as the site loads (how can you expect someone at work to sneak a look if they're likely ...