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Should This Dog Be Up For Adoption?

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drawing by Leslie Swieck all copyrights apply The compassion that people show for dogs with fear-based behavior challenges is commendable. Rescue groups pull them from shelters by the thousands and well-intentioned people adopt them. Given the number of people joining online groups looking for support and advice about how to help these dogs the reality that it requires more than time and love should ...

Good Enough?

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Childhood milestones in my life could be measured by learning how to swim. There are grainy, black and white home movies showing me leaping up, wiping the hair out of my eyes after demonstrating the newly gained skill of putting my face in the water at our lakeside cottage. I remember learning the "deadman's float" and pretending to swim in the shallow water, my hands ...

Attach Away!

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There is no shortage of things said or believed about dogs to make me, and others, cringe. Though I can understand "why" people believe the things they do, it doesn't change the fact that I wish they didn't. I understand why people would think the earth was flat, the sun revolved around us and because dogs are closely related to wolves they live in packs ...

Surviving Adoption

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Ray Coppinger studies the world's population of free-ranging dogs. These are the domesticated dog (as opposed to wild dogs) who are not under the reproductive control of humans. There are millions of them and they represent over 80% of the world's population of dogs. He has looked at how dogs end up living as pets. The most common thing that happens is that dogs adopt ...