It’s In Their Head!

It would seem that many of us put more thought into what color we're going to paint a wall than we do into thinking about what dog to live with for the next 15 years. I'm not pointing fingers, I am right in there with the best/worst of them. When trainers want a dog to work as a service dog, or search & [...]

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Finding The Right Foot To Get Started On

I was having a conversation with someone who complained that the activities that were the most rewarding and motivating for her dog were behaviors she didn't like, barking at, and becoming aroused by strangers the main bones of contention. Her frustration was easy to understand since it was impossible for her to interrupt and distract her dog once this behavior got started. It [...]

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Creating The Foundation

Sunny is one of the lucky fearful dogs that landed in his forever home straight out of the rescue after the hoarder that had him and 476 other dogs got busted for operating what was most definitely not an 'animal sanctuary'. It was not the plan and like many other foster caregivers for a fearful dog I could not part with him. Not [...]

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Taking It Slow

Early during my search for information about how to help my fearful dog Sunny, one rescuer of border collies told me that she 'didn't have the time that I had to work with her dogs'. Her point was that all the DS/CC I was doing might be nice but just making dogs deal with things worked for her, and was faster. I never [...]

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Opening Doors For Sunny

When Sunny first came to live with me I figured it was just a matter of short time before he'd realize that he had landed in paradise. Surely it wouldn't be long before he'd be a happy normal dog. Apparently I had set my sights a bit high at that point. I have always had goals for Sunny and while the big picture goal, comfort [...]

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