It takes a village, and a tractor doesn’t hurt either

When the good people on the Green River road in Guilford, Vermont lost access into Brattleboro they did what people anywhere with the motivation and tools would do, they helped themselves. Hurricane Irene, downgraded to a tropical storm by the time she reached New England dumped records amounts of water, in a short time, on mountainsides already saturated by previous rains. Witnesses say that within [...]

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Write a post feed a dog

I was one of 7 bloggers sponsored by Pedigree to attend the BlogPaws conference this year near Washington DC. I am not sure how many bloggers I am among who are stuck in DC due to hurricane Irene. BlogPaws is an event I look forward to more and more. I have the opportunity to meet my twitter and Facebook friends and I always go home [...]

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Getting to touch

I am attending the BlogPaws Conference in the DC area and wondering whether I'll make it home tomorrow night. While I'm away Nibbles is being boarded with a woman who offers home boarding. He's been there before and it was a fabulous experience for him. He made new and continuing progress. After a few days back with me he began to display behaviors that he [...]

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Desperately seeking distance

During a seminar I suggested that people with fearful dogs reward their dogs for moving away from what scares them. Did I mean reward them for trying to flee? For many this flies in the face of what their goal for the dog is. Don't we want to get dogs closer to what scares them? Well, yes, and no. Working with any dog is a [...]

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Learning to like looming

I am trying to keep up with sharing the different things I am doing to help Nibbles learn to be comfortable with people. He's a fairly solid little dog. He doesn't have general anxiety or any phobias. It would seem that he is just lacking experience with people and the things people do with dogs, like put leashes on them and take them for walks [...]

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More on Nibbles

Here's a short video update on Nibbles. He spent over a week being home boarded and it was a great experience for him. The woman boarding him understood the need to be patient and non-confrontational with him. By the time I went to pick him up he was snuggling on the couch with her. Nibs will still dart away if approached or reached for. He [...]

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Another shy chihuahua

I spent a wonderful week visiting my mom in Buzzard's Bay near Cape Cod. I boarded Nibbles with a woman and her family who had adopted another of the dogs who were confiscated along with Nibbles and Kelly. Nibbles had a great time working through many of the challenges a dog needs to sort out when they live in a world with people. He was [...]

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[youtube] Nibbles was one of approximately 23 dogs confiscated from a home breeder by the HSUS. After being placed in a foster home he fled through a window and was on the lam for a week when he trapped by an ACO 30 miles north of his foster home. How he got that far as fast as he did will remain a mystery, but [...]

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