Alternate Route Available

I learned to drive in Boston. I'm proud of this fact because it means I can drive almost anywhere in the world and be unfazed by the culture of the roadways. In Boston the use of directional lights is often an afterthought and don't even think someone will slow down enough for you to change lanes and get to your exit in time. One must [...]

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Put A Muzzle On It

In the contest of who dislikes the thought of putting a muzzle on my dog, I'd come in a close second to the dog who has to wear it. That is unless I think about the alternatives to not wearing one. A muzzle is not an excuse to put a dog into situations in which they're inclined to bite a person or another dog, but [...]

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The One Dimensional Dog

Play or a contest of dominance? The last few weeks have left millions of dogs feeling the way I'd feel with my parents at a dinner party where other parents were talking about their kids getting ready to attend medical or law school, after they finish competing in the Olympics or return from the junior astronaut program at Cape Canaveral. The social media [...]

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By the looks of Sunny’s half-hearted feints at whatever was in the leaf litter that had caught his attention, I was guessing snake, or toad. I am a fan of amphibians and have no grudges with reptiles so hurried over to be sure Sunny didn’t do any damage. What I found dragging itself through the leaves surprised me. I was sure it was some kind [...]

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